Does he always leave the toilet seat up? It’s one of the worst relationship pet peeves! Don’t get mad however, have a laugh! We have a way to save your sanity – and your relationship!

How to fix one of the worst relationship pet peeves

Give TipAlert to the men in your life you share a bathroom with. Or install it ahead of time.  Then have a laugh when they find a surprise reminder awaiting them as they lift the seat. Put an end to one of the worst relationship pet peeves.  Lights, voices and cheers can be heard when the seat goes down. Find out how you can get yours now!

Turn one of the worst relationship annoyances into fun!

Make fun out of the serious business of safe sitting!  As a result, never fall in the bowl again. You and your guy will never have to worry that leaving the toilet seat up/forgetting to put the toilet seat down will turn into a huge battle!

Although not often talked about, it’s extraordinarily common

Have a look at this article from Mix 92.9 in Nashville. They review the results of a poll that shows that leaving the toilet seat up is a very common habit.  And it really annoys women!

MIx 92.9 article about worst relationship pet peeves

 All humor aside, pet peeves can be destructive in a relationship

On a more serious note, pet peeves can wear away at one’s patience.  Furthermore, they can turn into issues that can cause damage to any relationship. Here’s an article from Focus on the Family that explains the issue in more detail. There are seven suggestions listed that will help address such issues.

In conclusion, small annoyances can build and compound over time.  As a result, they can lead to overwhelming emotional responses, and even resentment.  However, when couples are open with each other and work together, they can avoid disaster.  Don’t let annoyances such as leaving the toilet seat up/not putting down the toilet seat turn into a huge concern!