If you’re looking for ways to make potty training for boys fun, you’ve got to try our potty training aid, Tip Alert.

Tip Alert is an award winning gadget that gets lads to put the seat down with a wiggle and giggle. Motion activated sensor with flashing lights, music and a sweet mom’s encouraging voice reminds him what to do so he learns to do it every time. When the job is done and the seat goes down, the crowd cheers! He’ll smile and so will you, knowing he’s done right.

Although potty training is one of the most challenging milestones in a little guy’s life, potty training aids can make this time fun. Furthermore, the flashing lights of the Tip Alert toilet seat gadget are entertaining. Boys love potty training because every trip to the potty ends with giggles and laughter. Moms and Dads will laugh too!

Parenting experts recommend that parents make opportunities for positive reinforcement while toilet training toddlers. Celebrating success is very effective. Therefore, the more exiciting trips to the bathroom are, the quicker boys will learn. You can read about potty training tips on the Baby Center website.

How to Use Our Toilet Seat Alarm for Potty Training for Boys

If you use our Tip Alert toilet seat alarm, boys who are potty training look forward to potty time. They enjoy their trips to the potty, because it’s fun! Our toilet seat alarm has lights and sounds that offer positive reinforcement! The Tip Alert toilet seat alarm affixes to any toilet seat quickly and easily. You can find more detailed instructions on our product page.

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