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Mississippi Media, 8 Beckwith Street East, Perth Ontario Canada K7H 1B3 |Designed By : Pakobrats.com

TipAlert® is designed and manufactured by:

Mississippi Media

8 Beckwith Street East

Perth ON

Canada K7H 1B3




We promise that TipAlert® will be free of material and functional defects for 90 days from date of purchase. If you find it defective or it stops working within 3 months of normal use (approximately 400 playbacks) send it to us in the mail and we’ll gladly send a replacement. No proof of purchase is required.

Toilet seat left up? Never again.

TipAlert trains guys to put the seat down when they're done. With flashing lights and fun voice messages, TipAlert works for guys of all ages - husbands, boyfriends, teens, tots and toddlers. Crowd cheers when the seat goes down. Lights flash when it's up in the dark of night. TipAlert is fun for everyone and it really works. At home, at work and parties, it’s TipAlert - everyone's answer to the toilet seat problem.